Message from Our President

EDGE is Canada’s first independent student-run organization focused on enabling marginalized groups to excel in their academic and professional careers. We believe that the representation of these groups is integral to the success of all reputable organizations. As such, EDGE is committed to fostering more inclusive environments within our partnered organizations to cultivate comfortable learning spaces for all groups. Our goal to create equity will be further pursued as we administer the resources needed to excel that are otherwise inaccessible. Through our efforts, we hope to further diversify the organizations we are affiliated with which will facilitate a greater sense of inclusivity for these groups.

Our commitment to EDGE members is a promise we resolve to keep. To guarantee their success, members will be provided exclusive access to a variety of resources and opportunities. An opportunity that we know to be particularly valuable for students pursuing academic and professional advancement is mentorship. For this reason, we are working towards developing a database of professionals readily available to mentor EDGE members. In order to facilitate the connection of fellow members and industry professionals, we have also begun to create distinctive events for members who wish to attend. Additional support efforts will include exposure to relevant scholarship opportunities and external events.

The EDGE team will continue to utilize the aforementioned mediums of support to ensure our members and corporate partners receive ongoing value from our organization. Through our efforts, we intend on becoming a staple in every marginalized student’s academic and professional career.

If you would like to work with us to help realize our vision, I encourage you to reach out to our leadership team.

We would love your support!

Leadership Team

Emmanuel Genene
Jash Kapadia
Conference Co-Chair
Brian Wong
Conference Co-Chair