Our statement on enforcing anti-racism

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46 year old Black man, was a victim of racial profiling and murdered at the hands of 4 police officers. This was not an isolated incident and tragedies similar to this are far too common. Sadly, members of the Black community are often targeted based on their race. This act was just one incident in a long history of systemic and widespread racism. We, at EDGE and as a larger community, can no longer stand by these injustices.


EDGE denounces the anti-Black racism and violence which affects many members of our society. As an organization, we are committed to enabling those in marginalized communities to excel both academically and professionally. For this reason, we cannot stand by and let members of our society be disadvantaged and subjected to violence due to something as foundational as their race. We must act against these injustices directed towards the Black community to ignite positive change and uplift and support Black voices. As such, we must rise up as an organization and use our platform and resources to be a part of the solution. We must strive to rebuild the system, which has a history of undermining the Black community, to one where all are respected and have an equal opportunity of success.


We urge members of the EDGE community to do their part as allies to our Black peers and initiate change within your own lives. We must take steps into becoming stronger allies – whether it be through signing petitions, donating money to BLM causes, or educating ourselves on the history of oppression and racism affecting the Black community. As a whole, we must demand change and use our platforms to amplify the voices of our Black peers. We can no longer be complacent to these gross injustices and each have the responsibility to speak out and support the Black community. Black Lives Matter.


By Gabrielle Lam, Marketing Coordinator (2020)
Image credited to Beatrice Vaisman. Mural remembering George Floyd in Graffiti Alley, Toronto.



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