We understand the difficulty for students who are on-campus and lack a support system. For this reason, we are committed to providing value for students year-round through local events, mentorship opportunities, and ongoing support. In doing this, we hope to create opportunities for both professional development and meaningful connections.
We know that learning opportunities extend beyond the classroom, but also recognize that some are not always equitable. As such, we are committed to delivering events that both supplement diverse representation and financial accessibility. Our events will consist of engaging workshops, networking sessions, and exceptional speaking engagements. Ultimately, we hope these opportunities will empower students in their personal and professional careers.
We believe in cultivating lasting engagement with our members. In order to truly facilitate accessible learning, we will offer our members access to a collection of additional resources. Our database of information highlights external scholarships, events, and articles relevant to individual users. Members who subscribe to our mailing list will further be updated on relevant and rewarding information that we carefully select to align with student needs.